Life, from one (existentialist) allusion-expression is: Feeling (in/with) the moment, where (maybe not when) you feel that you’re not a statistic. Not a structure construction or serial pattern. Neither your own construction nor that of anyone and anything else.

Longing. (To) Long. An elongated/projected series of a desire or idea etc. Absolute desires (for example: Deleuze-Guattari-an Desires) and moments and moment-serialisations of de-relativisation.

Referenz/Orientierung ins/zur/mit der Leere. Nullsumme und Leere, Anklang.

Das Leere ist eine Empfindung, keine Ganzheit. Strukturalismus ist ein Aspekt (für mich spekulativ-ontologisch: Ein sekundärer Aspekt des primär singulären Seins [der singulären Seinse]), keine Ganzheit.

One can quite easily experience the singularity or momentaryness of moments/the primary non-process of life.

Take a look at something and than look to something else. When you try to remember the image/constellation you looked at ‚before‘, you will only have a trace of it in your imagination/re-construction. The new moment is there, everything else are traces.

Whether moments are infinitely ’small‘ events/constellations/singularities or finitely sized singularities is for example a difference plurality of physical, a speculative-ontological and a brain-science questions.

The relative is maybe absolutely existing — secondary in a certain view and parallel to the absolute as absolute. The absolute is not relative, it’s primary and at the same ‚time’/parallel it’s parallel to the relative.

In my estimation one can say: The relative is secondary to the absolute. The absolute is primary. But it’s also parallel. Parallelity is primary to any ordering. Which means it’s at the same time primary and not primary. Parallelity is basic and everywhere. And it allows for all other secondary orderings and constructions (like the re-construction of things into ‚primary‘ and ’secondary‘ phenomena etc.) to be existing parallel.

Hypothesis: There are no processes, only patterns and singularities, expressed/impressed as (more or less metaphorically) sounds and resounds.

Three „levels“/aspects of existence in some of their aspects