Non-objective-meaning, Sociobiology, Structuralism

We maybe got to combine nihilism
(or more concrete: non-objective-meaning heuristics, like for example in Stephen Jay Gould’s view on biology and evolution)
with sociobiology to make sociobiology less particularistic or less/not too biased towards certain efficiency standards or other meaning-presupposing standards.

One heuristic to get a link between non-meaning heuristic/concept and sociobiology/evolutionary sociology, psychology etc. could be: differential and contrastive structuralism.

Normativity and ethics are two theoretically distinct phenomena or topics.

Pessismismus als z.B. Urlaub von der leeren Vernunfteinsicht des Nullsummenspiels

One of the most precious possesions of (post-)modernity (post-survival[ist] social contexts) is meaning.

Just like any other (personally or socially) constructed orientation,
the „centre“/middle too is an extreme point
(without being an essential point [a point having&using no concrete space [[and being probably timeless]]).

Localised arbitrarily somewhere in the symbolic space.  Just like the (so-named) extremes, like anti-extremes, non-extremes etc. Or „ultimately“* any other imagination. There’s no objective gauge, no line segment where we can measure a centre, a middle, a whatever. Besides arbitrary, secondary, standards we set and keep them for reliability and to construct us something calming and secondarily (self-affirmingly, in/out-grouply defined) stable. Thus, and generally: Primarily, the middle and all other such localisation and hierarchisation concepts, are empty (but still functional?) when their arbitrary secondary constructions are removed (-> to the societal stock/warehouse of constructions and concepts).

* ‚Ultimately‘ itself is ultimately centreless and frameless. It’s theoretical essence (in human thinking for example formulatable as: it’s objective meaning), if traces (for example waves etc.) of that exist at all–besides its instrumentalisability for arbitrary secondary purposes–, is to our human (bodily, embodied, mental, cognitive) receptors and to us as constructors of our own worlds: base-less. Ultimately has no end, the space curves and you can travel along it without reaching the end, like a ship sailing around the earth. With then meeting repetitions or iterations (for example like formulated by Deleuze, or Derrida) that are structurally the same, or rhizomatically and emergently different.

Absolute Erfahrungen und Verbindungen

Ein menschliches Talent (aber vielleicht auch bei manchen/allen Tieren noch stärker ausgebildet oder anders) könnte sein: Zwischen, neben und abgesehen von der Relativität und Relationalität der menschlichen Interpretationen des Lebens: Absolutheiten zu sehen/zu erzeugen/zu erfahren etc. Die im Moment/subjektiv als non-differenzielle Dinge für sich (und subjektiv an sich) werden. Dadurch ihre relationale Reduktion auf ein Differenz-Instrument bzw. Differenz-Be-Deutung verlassen und als Schönes, Wahres, etc. wahr-genommen (in ihrer Essenz bzw. einem Teil davon) oder als solche nichtmaterielle (nicht oberhalb einer bestimmten Ebene, eventuell Quantenebene, zumindest) Substanz konstruiert (jedenfalls: interpretiert) werden können.

– Everything we interpret is construction, but the will/urge to construct seems naturally human.


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