There’s no government like (no) government

“Government doesn’t kill people, people kill people.” “People are people”—with or without formal government. Is there an abstract societal (or even just in smaller groups a concrete social) condition without government? Time has to tell. And it’s a question of definiton. As for example in some interpretation there was anarchy (order without [formal] government, state, etc.) in middle-age Iceland. Others say it was clan-ism and a certain form of feudalism.

In which direction is our (Western or other) society (or, with more or less deep differences: societies) developing today and will restructure in the nearer future? There may be elements of a techno-anarchy or at least technologically driven pluralism and (communicative) egalitarism lying (as a potential) in the structures of our ‘time’. But there is also (with the respective ‘state’ of technological and socio-cultural development) the potential for an even stronger/deeper surveillance and old and new possibilities of (self- and heteronomous-)disciplining (by state and by a self-driven governmentality). So what is the state of rule today? And what is the fundament of order in the current society (which is in turmoil/on the move today) and what will be the pillars of order in the next decades aka the next ‘epoch’ (which we can call, for example, “post-post-modernity”)?


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