Today I read something about Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s general system theory and Jean Paul-Sartre and the following view seemed convincing to me: ‚ontology precedes epistemology‘. My thought about that was today:

                                                                                                                    Mo., July 21st, 2014

Ontology comes before epistemology:

1st: I am aware that there is something: I presuppose the being of things. I know the things from personal experience and from socialisation.

2nd: I can ask myself, what can I know and how can and do I know it, how am I informed about the world.

3rd: I can ask further: Is the knowledge/picture of the world (or any particular part of it) that I currently have correct (true, right, etc.) – in ethical and factual aspects.

Then I can go on and – while always keeping on hermeneutically reflecting and updating my picture(s) – search for authenticity in the perception and reconstruction of myself, the others, and the structures, systems and atmospheres we live in. Rationally and emotionally. On the basis of these reconstructions and ongoing hermeneutics, I can construct myself in a way that’s gradually and processually becoming (one level more) authentic. And – partly enlightenment-optimistically said – maybe becoming step by step ever more authentic to myself and others. For a more emancipated inter-subjective communication and acting – and at the same time based on intersubjective communication and actions.

Own thoughts,
inspired by: Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Jean-Paul Sartre
based on the article:

Georgiou, Ion (1999): Groundwork of a Sartrean Input Toward Informing Some Concerns of Critical Systems Thinking.
Systemic Practice and Action Research 12 (6), S. 585–605.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1022499527360


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