A poststructural, postpretentious (enlightened) form of identity?

Is there something like a poststructural ‘identity’? Which maybe connects with a basis built on (formal) reason (and thus being open without completely relativistic)? And solves/transcends the problem of objectivity/ideology and subject-building/deconstruction? By

– connecting the laws of classical philosophy (metaphorically like classical mechanics), with poststructural identity uncertainty (metaph. quantum mechanics)
– and helping to meaningfully deconstruct subjects (as too charged identity self-determinations towards social structures/hardenings, e.g. as ideological particularisms). While not negating the fundamental right of everyone (not only privileged post-subject-players) to occupy and develop (!) a subjectivity/subject-position. As a ground to start from (but not getting fiexed at!) in the forming, evolving (structurally) and developing/shaping (co-intentionally by all actors), of societal relation structures – role-drafting and role-interpretation and -preformance.


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