Structural basic patterns, different synchronic and diachronic variations

Choose (a more abstract/general) meta-narrative and more concrete (sub-)narratives that fit your current brain-world-configuration. Then (and to prevent irritations -> possible relative-effectiveness malfunctions) you ignore all or most of the contradicting impressions and expressions of other human beings and phenomena of the world. And so does the „other“, the human being who „does things that I just can’t understand/relate to/find acceptable“ etc.

When your configuration/world-view-needs change, you shift your binary distinctions to other parts of the currently available/societally provided general palette/range of distinctions, the ‚corridor of possible‘ binary differentiations and distinguishing-possibilities.

In a ‚liberal‘ societal situation, there are more possible distinction narratives, still working with the same structural distinction and relative-feel-better pattern. But at least there are more „choices“ than in technologically less differentiated/developed (in a technical, non-moralistic sense) societies/social contexts.


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