Sketches of holistic structuralism

Holistic structuralism in my formulation is a philosophical and social theoretical approach that* focusses on particular aspects with/from an analytically** holist perspective.

One pattern/analytical assumption of analytically (and synthetically?) holistic structuralism:
Human beings need each other and they need (themselves besides affection and cooperation) to fight each other.

* Non-holistic-holistically, because that’s – insofar e.g. Max Weber is right – impossible for humans (or in the nature of the universe generally).
** Analytically here meaning: re-constructed and looked upon with a certain perspective/’glasses‘ for thinking about it and inducting,  deducting or abducting towards theories, pattern construction and/or discovery. Here also the question of patterns emerges (!): Are patterns iterations or repetitions (Deleuze or Derrida in this aspect), the structurally same (structuralism) or similar but different (Gilles Deleuze)?


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