We are hypocrites and equal

General interpretation of human beings and human social-‚moral’* hierarchisation and We are equals with the (seemingly social-functionally necessary) delusion of directly or indirectly (reverse psychologically etc.) considering ourselves as better/superior etc. to (at least some, „the third party“/“the other“) others.

As human beings (more or less wholly if there is such a thing) (and measured with our own logics against our own** rational standards), we are all hypocrites. Projecting our paticularist social needs for (among others) self-valorisation, hierarchy, moral ease etc. onto and into the (otherwise not human-hierarchical) world.

Robert Kurzbahn for example formulates it (to me as one version of [or at least connected to] this general interpretation) in his entertaining (also disillusioned/sober regarding/connecting to many everyday human perspectives/functional self-delusions) book „Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite: Evolution and the Modular Mind„.
* ‚Moral‘ as technical term here, not moral in an ethical sense as or = good.
** Our human logics and rational standards–orientation axioms, axes/arbors and frames etc.–. At least in our current developmental and mental (and possible other) states/situations in spacetime and universal configurations and interactions.


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