An interpretation of us/we humans,
as mind-body-phenomena,
for example interpreted and formulated (put in/expressed via the frame of language) as: resonance bodies and perfusion/through-flow phenomena.nformation, energies, matter, processes etc. go through/prefuse us*, we maybe reflect and refract the things that are (and while they and maybe their shadows and traces) going through us (maybe leaving sediments or informational memories etc.).

In my current estimation (and interpretation) of (at least) current human perception and anthropological and social conditions: We cannot plannably change the world. We can communicate — about something/different things, and maybe also communication (as such) as an aspect of existence and a thing for itself. We can talk to each other and (in different ways, interpretable amongst others as ‚good‘, ‚bad‘, ‚entertaining‘ etc.) inspire us. More or less affect us, tangent us, secanting/going-through us, etc.


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