Dialectics as reproducing or as changing

What’s true about dialectics seems to me, is that we, the human being, are a contradictory being in a contradictory existence (according to our own standards and logic [as the human (re-)construction of his and all existence], and maybe to the standard of the universe [ontological setup/character of the universe]).
Some dialectical thinkers try to interprete qualitative change, meaning or progress into these contradictions. Ok.
Is it tautological if a contradiction–here as an upheld/(self-)reproducing tension–is existing/reproducing for a longer time because it co-constitutes itself and it reproduces itself because it exists as constituted by a (similarity-reproducing) stability?

Holism (the abstract, non-fillable, non-completable etc. notion/idea of ‚the whole‘) is tautological and true. Truth (in a holistic sense) is tautological. So if dialectical tension is tautological, then it would be holistically true.


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